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  • Thank you so much. I never would have worked that out.
    Big grin :-)

    when members contribute to a group/forum in BP. I want my install to work just like this site does – I.e. I can write here and then edit if I want to change it.

    I have experimented adding code to the index.php in both the standard buddypress theme and the columns theme, but to no avail.
    Can any experienced users please help me as I really want to have a video on the front page.
    Cheers all.

    Hi modemlooper.
    The link for your widgitised from page has gone, but it is almost. 2 years old.
    I want to have a from page widget area so I can put a video on the front page.
    Any chance you can let me have the document or instructions to do this?
    Many thanks.

    Cheers for the tip. Will do.


    Hey, thanks do the help.
    I am using the default theme.

    Get the free plugin s2member from the wp plugin directory.

    I made a how to video for new bp users, you can watch it at, look for the button on the left of the front page if it doesn’t pop up when you visit.


    Fixed it.
    I went to the WP media library. Saw two supposedly deleted graphics listed. Deleted them from the media library. Unwanted blank spaces in the header area and BP header graphic bullet buttons now gone.

    Just found this plugin:
    While it stops members creating groups (if set to zero) the button still appears, so I can imagine members frantically clicking it wondering why a new group isn’t being created.

    Also tried this one:
    but couldn’t figure how to make it work.

    Good idea about altering the CSS to hide the button (although it would probably hide it from me as well).

    Going through the forums and having spent hours searching the net, I can’t see any current up to date plugin that prevents group creation. I have also tried a few codes in php files with no positive result.
    Unless I am missing something, this feature is sought after by many bp users.

    Hi. Where are the controls so I can stop members from creating groups?


    I am looking to create a site similar to the one you propose.
    Did you find a solution?

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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