• hpsamios posted an update in the group Installing BuddyPress: 5 years ago

    Additional information: I’ve now tried re-installing WordPress and BuddyPress with permutations:

    . WordPressMu / BuddyPress on realcomputer.realdomain.com
    . WordPressMu / BuddyPress on fakedomain.com (added to hosts file under system32)
    . WordPress / BuddyPress on fakedomain.com
    . WordPress / BuddyPress on localhost

    Exactly the same problem. …[Read more]

  • Has anyone made any progress on this one? I’ve a XAMPP setup running on XP Service Pack 3 behind a corporate firewall. WordPress seems to work fine – I can configure, add BuddyPress, activate plug in and themes, etc. I have a .htaccess sitting in C:xampphtdocswordpress-mu which looks like the htaccess.dist file but with modifications. […]