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  • I am using site5. So far so good. I have a buddypress multisite on their shared hosting service and working just fine. Just installed today, so I have not tested everything yet.

    I had a 500 internal server error, but turned out to be my .htaccess file and site5 found the error when I missed it.

    Well I am kinda where you are….I used add_theme_page and now I have a privacy settings page under my theme, and I can save.

    but the only thing that appears to do anything is if I restrict the entire site to logged-in only users. On the members page I can get the settings to save if I apply globally. But it doesn’t seem to do anything. not yet anyway.

    hey, thanks for the quick response. You were absolutely correct. That got me a lot further, now I can activate it.

    I will report back if I can get it to work in wp 3.1.3 and bp 1.2.8


    it wont even show up in my plugins…I am running the same versions as you. Were you able to install it, but just cannot alter the preferences?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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