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  • jackstoriesorg


    Thanks for your try, but I think that this was considered a bit backwards. Our members already can log into the site with Facebook credentials, and they see the FB feed on the front page, that is great but the challenge is getting folks to make the switch with comfort, and to update both the website activity posts and the FB page with a given post so that no one feels left out as the transition progresses.
    Our goal is to make the website the central hub of all interaction where all posting is best and most efficiently done from within the activity post of Buddypress. (from there it should go out to other social sites, in fact several kinds of sites such as Twitter, Google+, FB and so on- this would help reach those who are stuck in a familiar method of engagement)
    So the question remains, has anyone got a good way to post the activity feed (and images) to other sources like Facebook? (other WordPress posts work well with some plugins to create feeds)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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