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  • Done ;)

    hahaha Dude you did it. I jut uploaded a fresh version of pluggable.php and it worked.

    Thanks so much, really.

    Is there a ‘buy a beer’ link anywhere??

    thanks again

    I tested it out with yahoo and hotmail and my own email through pop3 and imap.

    I suspect it is something to do with WordPress, but I dont know where to look. I feel as though one of the files used to send out emails has been altered by one of our programmers. We uploaded the original files our programmers had changed but that didnt work either, so Im still stuck.

    Umm.. any more ideas?

    Thanks a lot for your help man.

    Just tested and the comment notification emails have errors as well.

    I am using WPMU with BuddyPress.

    Emails and their status
    – Signup confirmation (error)
    – Password reset (ok)
    – Comment notification on blog posts (error)
    – Private messaging (ok)
    – User mentions ( @user) (ok)
    – Friend request (ok)

    Hey @boonebgorges, do you know which files are used to send the registration confirmation email? Perhaps I could test those files to try to find out if there is an error in any of the files.


    Thanks for the reply.

    Just tested the password reset and received the email without any errors.

    I just deactivated my 2 email plugins (wp-mail-smtp + mail from) and the error persists. I wonder if I should try to upload original wp files…


    Hey pandragon, please post here if you find a solution, Id like to know how to do the same.


    Cool, thanks again Rich, it worked, but it doesnt quite do what I wanted.

    The `action=last_activity` doesnt bring me back the same information displayed on the general activity page ( It seems that the missing data is actually coming in from twitter. Is it possible to get the exact same feed? Would I have to import the RSS for the activity page?

    Thanks again

    wow your fast man.. you answered before I replied hahaa

    Hey, nevermind, I just found the answer here:

    For those of you who get stuck trying to add multiple parameters/filters when calling the bp_has_activities function do it like this, using the & sign:

    Hey @nuprn1,

    I have a new question though. I was able to pull the post from the forum but is it possible to get the permalink to it? I can see the permalink whenever I include this portion of code:



    but it adds more than I want.

    Thanks again

    Hey @nuprn1,

    im just trying to filter some items in the bp_has_activities() function and cant seem to get it to work whenever I add more than one filter/parameter.

    this works:

    this doesnt work:


    I think my syntax is wrong, or Im trying to mix the filters and parameters in the same place. Anyways, I dont know hot to work with this. Im referencing the following page:

    Any help will be much appreciated,

    Marcio Santos


    Hey @Travel-Junkie (or anyone who knows the answer to this) where should I paste your code, inside my functions.php (..plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/functions.php)file?

    If my template file is named bp-gamers.php (in my theme in the profiles folder), what should I rename from your code?
    I really just want a blank profile page so that I may hardcode a few fields.


    ps: That functionality you described on your site sounds really cool.. do you have a link?

    Hey I am able to list the nav, some of my items are missing but they are all plugin addons (ex: album). When I list each item i get a () beside each like:

    Blogs (0)
    Messages (1)

    Do you know how I can get rid of the numbers and list only the titles of each?


Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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