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About Me

The reasons why I started to gamble were not fun, but that’s not the point, because life’s circumstances sometimes change life in a very abrupt way. I was desperate, lying on the couch and depositing the last 5,000 into my account, without even counting on anything. I just needed to turn my thoughts in a different direction, and the game distracted me. I even did not realize that I had won the jackpot that day; I just unknowingly changed bets and spun the reel until my notebook ran out of power. A day later came in, not only that all preserved so still some congratulations, even called a friend for clarification (he has experience playing the game oh-ho). Thanks tech support: such a nice girl connected to the administrator, I explained the intricacies of the process withdrawal. In the end, I am not a millionaire, only 300,000, but at the time they saved me. What was it – fate or devilry – I do not know, but now I have no doubt: everything in this world is possible

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