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  • Brajesh I am looking to do the same thing, where do you place that code? I tried members loop but no luck

    Apologies overflow has been fixed (must’ve just taken a while for the changes to show). Still the overlap on a smart phone but not a massive deal

    Sidebars are now fitting in nicely, picture has been taken out but horizontal overflow is still there. I added the code from codex page to Themeblvd child theme style.css
    The page name is also coming down on top of the ‘search’ field on an iPhone, I’m not too worried about that, although i don’t actually need the search function in case it was easy to just delete.
    Thanks again for your help, slowly getting my head around it :-)

    Thanks for all your help @mercime I followed it to a T although some issues still remain, the sidebars are showing up under the main content (I’ve now disabled them). Also what is the relevance of the M Flora Peterson picture, I definitely don’t want that on my pages! Also the page heading, members bar and second divider are also out of place, more so when looking at the page on a mobile

    I have pasted it to:

    I’m assuming you mean the parent theme’s as I can’t see any in the child theme that I have Buddypress in.

    Apologies @mercime I have started a new topic using pastebin

    My apologies I’m terrible with my understanding of php etc.. but when I copied the code above for another Themeblvd theme (Akita) the resulting page comes up blank? Is their a solution for the Akita theme?
    The themes page.php file is as follows:

    [ Edit – removed code.
    — Mercime ]

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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