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Natalia Simone

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Kitten training is considerably easier than kitten care – obviously, the younger the cat, the easier it is to train. The basics of kitten training are to make the pet socially acceptable within the house with its behavior, non-aggression, not urinating or relieving itself inside.

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Kittens are extremely funny, affectionate, and entertaining. For the breeding of kittens, the attention of members of the human family is required. Kitten care emphasizes the kitten’s adjustment to its new home and physical well-being to promote healthy development.

It is imperative to get happy and healthy kittens to feed them with the right food, in the right amounts, and at the right intervals throughout the day. At your next veterinary appointment, our veterinary experts would be pleased to discuss the best feeding regimen for your kitten.

Socializing your kitten with both human family members and any other animals in your household is an important element of kitten development. The traditional saying that cats and dogs don’t get along isn’t true; However, some dogs have a strong prey instinct and cannot tell a cat from a rabbit.

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