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  • kizzpatrick


    I appreciate your help, is there a way to direct a group to their group profile whenever they login



    Thank Sharmavishal,

    I would like to provide the dashboard or a private page for the group where only users of that group will be able to download the package, it’s not digital download it is just a zipped folder they will have to download.

    the problem with BuddyPress is that when you create a private group, they can be seen by other users who aren’t in the group even though they can’t view their information but due to competition purpose I don’t want to allow other members to see all the groups. I want only members who are in that group to be able to see their group and I would like to allow the group administrator to add users on the front page, not by invitation. I would also like to remove that site activity panel because I don’t want to appear like a social network and I don’t want to allow comment.

    is there a plugin or a way to customize BuddyPress to meet with this requirement

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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