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  • I’ll check bp_get_current_signup_step(),

    and putting the code on the registration page seems to be a simple and good idea,

  • I did something similar,

    I created a db table with the members’ names and numbers,

    and a php form with to field to check the input data with the db table,
    if it’s correct the user is redirected to the registration page,

    but I was lookin for something to integrate between this page and the registration page, like a way to encrypt the link or…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your contribution @Xevo

    all users are already redirected to the login page if not logged in,

    but I want to allow only the users with the correct name and membership number to access the registration page

  • Hello all,

    I’m developing a social network for a private club members,
    every club member has his own ID card, with a unique membership number,
    I have a database with the members name and Id numbers,
    we want to keep the network private so we were trying to allow users with the right Name and Number to register in the network

    we built a php page t…[Read more]

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