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Shark NV352 vs. Shark NV752: Comparing Two Beasts from Different Lineups

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Having to choose a particular kind of vacuum for your house is difficult enough as it is. But making a comparison between any two products is completely on another level since there are plenty of things to consider.

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      Sometimes we aren’t sure where we should start.

        Vacuums are incredible machines, which are designed to lend a hand with your household cleaning jobs. Sometimes the broom does not cooperate, leaving a lot of dirt behind even after a tiring cleaning session.

          This is when top-rated vacuum models can become your saviors.

              Today we are going to put the Shark NV352 and NV752, both named the best vacuum cleaners, side by side. They are both upright vacuum cleaners, coming with a lot of technology and engineering advancements. Our article will help you compare them, allowing you to decide which model is most suitable for your needs.

                Let’s get started with an overview of product specifications.

                  Product specificationsShark NV352

                    • Type: corded bagless upright vacuum
                    • Weight: 12.5 lbs (total); 7.5 lbs (canister only)
                    • Dimensions: 11.4 x 15 x 45.5 in
                    • Cup capacity: 1.2 dry quarts
                    • Cord length: 25 ft
                    • Adjustable height: no
                    • Cleaning head: 9.25 in
                    • Filtration system: HEPA filter, washable foam
                    • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

                    Shark NV752

                    • Type: corded bagless upright vacuum
                    • Weight: 15.4 lbs (total); 8 lbs (canister only)
                    • Dimensions: 11.9 x 13.2 x x45 in
                    • Cup capacity: 3.3 dry quarts
                    • Cord length: 30 ft
                    • Adjustable height: no
                    • Cleaning head: 12 in
                    • Filtration system: HEPA filter, washable foam
                    • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

                    Detailed ComparisonDesignAs mentioned, the Shark NV752 and NV352 are both upright models. They do not differ much in weight and height. However, while bearing many similarities in those aspects, they come with other features that you can compare to differentiate them.

                      The NV352 is one of the products in the Navigator line up of Shark while the NV752 is in the Rotator one.

                        The Shark NV752 is slightly thinner, shorter, and lighter compared to the NV352. While the NV352 has a Lavender design, the NV752 will bring you the Bordeaux color.

                          Lift-awayAt the end of the day, Shark equips both of them with the Lift-away feature, which is a great improvement in versatility.

                            You will notice how much Shark boasts about this design in their advertisements. This will enable you to lift the canister from the main body. In this highly portable mode, you can clean and reach hard to reach spots easily.

                              The difference is that the Lift-away feature in the NV752 operates with help from a mechanism instead of using manual force like the NV352 does. With just a button, you will have a portable canister in your hand.

                                Fingertip controlsOnly the NV752 has this, which can help you to switch between hard floors and carpets with the button on the handlebar.

                                  Dynamic Swivel SteeringAgain, this feature does not exist in the Shark Navigator Lift-away NV352 model. This advanced steering technology can bring high-class control, especially when you clean around your furniture or other obstacles, which can stand in your way.

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                                      HEPA filtersFor those who have allergies or asthma conditions, traditional vacuum cleaners can become a real burden on their lives.

                                      Since the machine must suck and push the air to do its job, dirt and other contaminants can get sent back into the room’s air, producing a great risk for those with breathing problems.

                                        The two Shark models we are comparing have a solution to this problem.

                                          They both come with HEPA filters, which can ensure that harmful contaminants do not go back into your room. The Anti-Allergen Seal addresses this issue even further as they can trap up to 99%, as Shark claims, of dust and allergens inside the cleaners.

                                            All these high-grade components that you can only find on top-notch models help create fresh air for you to breathe.

                                              SuctionThey both feature the “Never Loses Suction” technology.

                                                In Shark’s words, it is a cyclonic technology that can isolate the dirt from your room’s air, preventing it from blocking the filtration system. It also means that your suction power will not drop over time, keeping the same strength even after a long run time.

                                                  As a result, you won’t need to worry about replacing the unit over time, saving you a lot of money.

                                                    Products from the Navigator and Rotator lineups work well on all kinds of bare floors and carpets. But the NV752, a product in the Rotator line, features greater suction power so it will have better results when it comes to complex surfaces and heavily soiled areas.

                                                      The Shark Rotator NV752, with a broader cleaning path, reduces your cleaning time, or enables you to cover more areas in the same amount of time.

                                                        LED lights

                                                          From the two models, only the NV752 has LED lights built-in.

                                                          While you may think this is a meaningless feature, they may be very helpful when you need to clean dark spaces. The NV752 will have the edge in terms of cleaning corners or areas under your furniture.

                                                            Other featuresYou can think of the NV752 as an upgraded version of the NV352.

                                                              It has a longer power cord, which is useful when you need to clean a large room without switching power outlets too many times. The cleaning path of the NV752 is also wider than that of the NV352.

                                                                The same thing applies to the dirt cup. With 3.3 dry quarts, the NV752 can hold a larger capacity than the NV352 which has only a 1.2 dry quart dirt cup.

                                                                PriceCutting many corners, the NV352 has a lower price tag compared to the NV752. The difference in price is somewhat significant, considering the almost identical design.

                                                                  ConclusionAfter these  best vacuum cleaner reviews Thekinglive, we believe you should be able to make a decision for yourself.

                                                                    Though bearing a lot of similarities, the Shark NV352 and NV752 are in different price ranges, with the NV752 being the high-end model. It has some features that the NV352 does not (LEDs, larger capacity dirt cup, etc.). But this also means that you must spend more money on it compared to its brother.

                                                                      Both are incredible vacuum cleaners that will serve you well, no matter which model you choose for your next purchase.

                                                                        So, which vacuum do you choose? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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