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About Me

I am an owner / partner of LDJ Auto Body & Collision, one of the premier auto body repair and collision repair shops in Riverview, Brandon, Apollo Beach and surrounding Tampa Bay areas. I not only work as a partner in the office, keeping records, doing billing, and getting estimates out, I am also an auto body technician. Working on cars and bikes at the shop gives me the distinct advantage of being a woman in a predominantly male career field My husband, Larry Blackman, is considered by many to be one of the Number #1 custom automotive and motorcycle painters in the Tampa Bay area…adding a little “weight” to the auto body repair and automotive paint arenas when it comes to my writing. I’m not saying that I am riding on his ‘shirttails”, but Larry being my husband certainly doesn’t hurt! Larry has also taught me everything I know about the industry and all the custom paint jobs he does here at LDJ are prepped by me, personally. I am proud of that because a paint job is ONLY as good as the prep work that goes into preparing the vehicle for paint. Larry knows the vehicles he works on will be prepped properly…and he’s comfortable with that. It’s definitely a “feather” in my hat!

I currently publish several websites and blogs, the most prominent being LDJ Auto Body’s Official Website. I have also just recently launched my first ever “forum” site, called LDJ Auto Body’s Marketplace & Forum where you can meet others in your niche, buy, sell, and trade parts and/or vehicles and even showcase your automotive related products and services! Please check it out at

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Gibsonton, FL

WordPress Origin Story

My dealings with WordPress started when I designed and wrote the website for our body shop, LDJ Auto Body in Gibsonton, FL. I had not dealt with WordPress previously, but had done a lot of research and decided that it would be the best base for our website. I am very happy to be using WordPress and my knowledge of the workings of this software are growing on a daily basis. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to maintain a blog based website.



LDJ Auto Body & Collision

Job Title

Owner / Partner


The great thing is…that I REALLY DO love cars, trucks, motorcycles and any other “motorized” toys I can find,
I truly am a car, truck, and motorcycle enthusiast at heart. I love the “old school” muscle cars and am especially fond of well-built choppers and restored Indian Motorcycles. I guess I should consider myself lucky that my main interests are in the very things that I am required to work with on a daily basis!

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Personal, Business

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