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    Note: I want to show the information in all pages when visiting a member profile, if I click in activity or friends when visiting a profile I want that the information continue being showed.

    I didn’t find the problem, but I made a solution.

    I “cleaned” the usemeta table. I create another database and imported all field relevants.

    Until now everything it´s working.


    I have not found the solution, but I think I’m on track. The problem apparently is in the table usermeta, I believe that any plugin that I used previously should have added a field that is generating this error.

    I made the test and when a deactivate the forums component, the problem disappear.

    I reinstalled the bbforum, deleted the buddypress, cleaned the tables, but nothing made the error finally disappear. The most strange is that I created a test installation in other site and everything it´s working.

    No, I don’t use any plugin for user permissions. I looked the bp-forum.php and the line is this:

    $bb_cap = array_keys($bb_cap);
    $bb_cap = $wp_roles->get_role( $bb_cap[0] );
    $bb_cap = $bb_cap->capabilities;

    I can not imagine what is wrong. The problem only disappears when I disable buddypress. ‘ve deactivated all plugins, but the error continues.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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