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  • Congratulation!

    Thanks for the tips Toby.
    I will wait this new version.
    Have I to subscribe to some topic or newsletter for being informed of its availability?

    I understand your concern;
    Your mother is a pretty amazing cooking star with her 700 fans ! Great blog in fact.
    Let her organize the diner for a local wp dev meeting, you will gain a massive assistance ,-)

    The same addon for the editor should be offered by a plugin, activated from the theme, but not included in it. It’s all the wp strategy. one other way is to test the presence of the addon plugin, and to activate the function if available … but some other places are probably better for discussing wp development ….
    On the other hand, that was pretty unfair to refuse your theme submission without waiting the modification …

    It isn’t a people issue … it’s a key point to accept this dev. strategy. WordPress is a large framework, you have to accept the rules …
    The current wp editor will be just a plugin too, that will be better, but that’s an other point 😉

    even if … your concept is pretty good …
    or perhaps should you join an existing project
    working alone on a theme is always a stressful challenge …

    Great project, the Bootswatch option is pretty interesting

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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