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some too gorgeous, at this time can be in the waist with a lace slit necklace ornament, low-key and elegant. The top is open to wear, the figure is also limited under the circumstances, slim skirt is a good way, suitable for the girl with small chest and small waist, slightly loose skirt must be above the knee. Yoga pants with oversize style are most suitable for an overcoat, which has a very neat visual effect and can directly support your outfit. The top can be a shirt or a sweater. Sweater + plain color pleated skirt, pleated skirt silhouette is relatively large, belongs to the type of loose shape, with a plain color sweater will be more prominent. If you’re a woman with a fuller figure, try to keep the length of the lower body below the knee or you’ll get out of proportion. Above the knee to the ankle should be a good length. 2. There is no definite length of yoga pants that are short on the top and long on the bottom when matched with high-waisted skirt. Because of the high-waisted line, the waist line can be raised very high. A pair of jeans wide leg pants, the top and yoga clothes Corset tools toys dresses bottom of the body short style loose collocation, the upper body with a well-fitting sweater, more simple and generous. Shorts, if it is a particularly popular two years of nine pants, showing a little hemline, cover the meat show thin. The design that pulls up pant leg can neutralize the loose feeling of shorts pants

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