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  • @lunaKM didn’t want to take the permalink thread off track – in your scenario, you might also want to look at working with a front end posting theme like P2

    It’s purpose built for the threaded comments single blog solution you are looking at building.

    I’m not sure where it stands with regard to BuddyPress integration – it might be worth you…[Read more]

    • Nope, not where I’m going with the site. It’s an existing blog with a community back end. I’m not adding blogs or allowing posts and found that you can write a pretty long update so it would work for people wanting more of a blog space in the community area.

  • @lunakm – You see all the comments in the activity stream anyway… but, ok… having the link to give someone is useful in your use case. Part of the annoyance, is that the view link is there by default, gives a poor user experience, is useless 99% of time, and difficult to remove (it’s not as […]

  • @lunakm: rather than modifying the core code, which will need changing every time BP is upgraded, you might be better trying to do it as a filter. I suspect the filter you’d want to work with is bp_core_fetch_avatar_url. Try hooking a function onto this (in your bp-custom.php file) that appends the &r=x to the url. It might […]

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