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  • Thank you bp-help I get your point. My experience with wordpress plugins is that most start off free, open to the community to give a good hammering. Once the plugin becomes stable, the developers then add an upgrade option for a cost. From what I have seen a good free plugin is used a lot by the community, business user then start to use it,…[Read more]

  • but bp-help the link provided by Paul was of no help, His reply simply pointed anyone else reading, to an article that said in not so may words “do not help because nothing should be free”

  • Whats this about trust? Learning to code for me is impossible. Sorry I come from a time when the internet was free. You would ask for help and people were happy to give help and were not out to put a price on everything. Look when I suggest something I would like my raspberry pi to do on a forum. I don’t get people coming in and saying pay us and…[Read more]

  • Yes Paul. I do have payed for plugins from various places and have payed people before to fine tune them. But before I even consider paying for something I want to test it and make sure my money isn’t being wasted. So as always the first thing to do is ask questions, does the ability to do what I require exist, if so what plugins, Hence why I am…[Read more]

  • Custom sounds bad henrywright.
    As for the idea, thank you. I don’t mind sharing my ideas 🙂 The post office part is just an example.
    What I would like to do is for a member, to be able to select components from a “today I have done” list, such as smiled at someone, said hello to someone random, hugged someone, swore at someone, had a take-way…[Read more]

  • Hello, First I’m using WordPress 3.9.2 and Buddypress 2.0.2

    What I would like to do and can’t figure how to or even know if it’s possible:-
    Give each member a tick box of daily activity’s like a to do list. Once the member has complected the activity they tick the box to say done that. The list of activity’s would need to reset each day. Then I…[Read more]

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