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  • matt2006


    Hi @venutius,
    yes, I hav installed BP Registration Groups already. But it does not really help me, because I can not use BP standard signup form. I have to use a gravity forms form because the signup modalities are a bit more complex.

    So actually what I am missing is a connection between Gravity Forms and a BP auto group join feature.

    That is a bit annoying, because Gravity Form is perfectly connected to BP xProfile field – but they forgot to implement Group properties obviously.

    I would be very thankful for code snippets / tutorials or someone who offered to code it for our NGO. We can not pay a lot but I would try to find some mney for that.

    Thank you!



    Hi @danbp
    thanks for your Tipp.

    he problem is, that BP Auto Group Join lets me add users to groups only by “Member Types” not by vustom xProfile fields.

    Is there anyone here, who could customize the plugin for us?

    The intended data flow would be:
    Input via Gravity Forms -> Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On adds a new user with certain xProfile information -> Modified “BP Auto Group Join” adds new user to certain BP groups.

    Thanks for helping!

    For your information:
    I manage this project for a Non-Profit-Organsation called “Economy for the common good”, which stives for a new economic system. He have associations all over Europe which are recognised as charitable.
    Please see here for more Info:

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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