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  • Actually, as everything i tryied failed, the only thing i’ve done is to create a child theme as its explained here

    And changed the size of the header.

    So basically i’m just beggining. If someone could tell me step by step, not assuming i know anything at all xD

    I have the default coding. Need to make my header a link to home, so if some 1 clicks it, it goes to home, and if it’s possible for it to change between 3 or 4 img’s, it would be great.


    Here’s my msn messenger so we can communicate better and faster megt12

    where in functions.php should i put this define( ‘BP_DTHEME_DISABLE_CUSTOM_HEADER’, true );?

    I created the child, tryied to install the cimy image rotator and it never recognized the img’s i uploaded to it.

    And i need to know how to turn the header into a link to home!!!

    plz help

    What’s a child theme? :$

    The cimy one didn’t work, going to try the 1st one.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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