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  • Kunal,

    Add my code after the following line in home.php of BBP Home theme:

    <div id="right-column">

    It should get you started.


    You can put the code anywhere outside of widget if…else block.

    Yes I got my template running just fine.

    Here is the code I use to show 5 recent topics across forum:

    $topics = bp_forums_get_topics(0, 5);

    if ($topics)
    foreach ($topics as $topic)
    print '
    <div class="home-box-item">
    <a class="home-box-item-link" href="' . $topic['topic_uri'] . '">' . $topic['topic_title'] . '</a>
    by ' . $topic['topic_poster_display_name'] . '
    Freshness: ' . $topic['topic_time_since'] . '
    Posts: ' . $topic['topic_posts'] . '
    print '<p>No topics found.</p>';

    If you want to show topics from a specific forum then you can pass the forum ID parameter like this:

    $topics = bp_forums_get_topics(5, 5);<br />

    PS: Sorry for late reply.


    Thanks a lot for the function reference.

    Oh i see, I wont be using that widget then.

    Is there a way to get all forum IDs from BBPress so as to fetch posts from forums and sub-forums using bp_has_topics() function.


    Thanks for the reference. Are you pointing to bp_has_topics() function?

    That function needs a Forum ID and I want to instead pull latest 5 topics from the whole Forum. Is there any other function I am missing or would you suggest any workarounds?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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