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  • Will try. Have to backup and then kick everyone off the system and see if that takes care of it. And then have to figure out how to customize without changing core files!! I have an external css that adds onto the theme’s original css, but each part of BP and plugins have their own css and tons of files, so I think it became easier to alter the…[Read more]

  • We are using the latest version of both – 3.5.2 & 1.7.2.

    WPEngine looked at it and guessed it must be something in the files that was changed or corrupted – and since we are customizing, that is very possible. The trouble is finding exactly where.

    I dont’ think it is a theme conflict because it worked for a long time and then stopped when a…[Read more]

  • We are seeing the error message “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later” when trying to use the media uploader. The image is always uploaded, but we can’t verify that through the post interface, only by viewing the media gallery. Especially problematic because it prevents setting a featured image.

    Deactivated all plugins and…[Read more]

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