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  • @elliot-s This bp-group-hierarchy works for my purposes, but I’ve problems with almost every new plugin I add.
    I’m not sure, because I still have to try myself, but maybe this one can help: Blog Categories For Groups:

    Blog Categories For Groups

    Great!! Thank you, hnla and of course Thankyou to @DJPaul, and I must say “Sorry for my words, Paul”.
    I’m almost a noobie here and after reading a little I can say that your reputation is safe, no matter what you do with this plugin. My apologies and my respect.

    I’ve not been able to implement this work-around in the plugin “Welcome Pack”. I’m still not so good on php.
    But, if there are now some plugins that have been improved to work by their creators, can any of you, with more php skills than me, look and compare, for example this BP-Share-it, the old and the new version, to examinate the changes and how the creator has been able to repair it?

    So, the plugin “WELCOME PACK”, written for YOU, and not working for this reason is not well-written?
    I’ve read about the solution in other forums of changing “admin_menu” to “network_admin_menu” to make reappear the plugin menu, but it’s only there. You can’t change settings.
    I tried this solution changing “options.php” to “../options.php” and the error changes, WordPress says that there’s no options file.
    Are you reading this?:
    @ZKWC even offered you money for the job, but you don’t give any answer.
    I guess you don’t know about this change from admin_menu to network_admin_menu Or you should have told us to do it.
    I’m not a programmer but I guess that you know the little change we have to do to save the settings in that options file, no?
    What we have to do to get an answer from you?
    Please not:
    -“wait for 1.3” (that could happen in october)
    -“I need money” (I need money too, but I think that offering a free plugin, and when a lot of people is using it, request for money to maintain it, it’s not a good idea. Thinkin on your reputation)
    Sorry for my bad english.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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