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  • CORRECT !! Even if I delete the bp-custom.php, the issue is still there… Hmm strange!!!

    Ohhh Help!!!

    It took out the count, but when someone click at Members is just take him to the Home-Page and not to members page…

    Thanks so much, It Worked!!!!

    Thanks…Do I need to change something?

    I’m looking everywhere on the web, but I found only old posts and plugins that not working anymore…

    I did some changes and worked!!!! Thanks a lot!
    I think it was the position of the code…
    Is not working for comments, but no problem…

    It worked for profile picture…
    But not for example:

    johns profile was updated

    or for comments

    Hmm What line you add the code?

    Really, I don’t know why, but is not working…

    I add it like this in my themes faction.php

     add_filter( 'bp_after_has_activities_parse_args', function( $retval ) {
       $retval['action'] = array(
        return $retval;
    } );

    but nothing works.

    that’s the only think i see different there:


    key = array_search

    I think this is wrong…

    it must be difficult

    Is right or not?

    add_filter( 'bp_after_has_activities_parse_args', function( $retval ) {
        // Convert $retval['action'] into an array.
        $parts = explode( ',', $retval['action'] );
        // Remove new_avatar items.
        if ( ( $key = array_search( 'new_avatar', $parts ) ) !== false ) {
            unset( $parts[$key] );
    // Remove updated_profile.
    if ( ( $key = array_search( 'updated_profile', $parts ) ) !== false ) {
        unset( $parts[$key] );
        // Convert $parts back into a comma separated string.
        $retval['action'] = implode( ',', $parts );
        return $retval;
    } );

    the updates are still showing in the activity stream.

    Thank you for your time, but as I said before the code not working even for the profile photo.

    Sorry I make a mistake. The code din’t work… It still show profile updates.

    Wow your amazing…The code works. But is still showing in activity stream: (John) Profile was updated or (John) Become a register member… Is there anyway to not show those either???

    If there is any of you has a ready code and info about where and how you add it, I will appreciate it…

    Thanks anyway, but only I look at those codes I get headache…

    I want to show only status and groups updates!

    I just add the adsense code in the activity-loop.php
    That’s all… I hope it helps many others.

    Ok I finaly did it!!

    Lol if I knew this I will never add the adsenese code there. But you guys tell as to add the code there. Sorry are we play here? Is any real solution about this or is a top secret? maybe that’s why the most of BP sites are not commercial. If the entry.php is not the place to add adsense than where is and how we can make it show only 2 times…?

    I just paste the adsense code at the entry.php on my template overload. I try with this code do_action( ‘bp_activity_entry_content’ ); too, but is the same results. Plus you can see a part of the code in activity timeline.

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 34 total)
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