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  • Hi Henry,
    Thanks for the fast reply.
    I’ve tried to move the po/mo files as the translations page guided but it still didn’t work.

    I did not find this:

    “Also, make sure you have enabled the same language on the WordPress “Settings > General” admin page.”

    In my Setting – General

    I’ve also downloaded the translated Hebrew files (87%) from the…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    I’ve installed Buddypress on my WP blog and I’m trying to change the language of Buddypress to hebrew in two ways:
    1. by installing BP-Multilingual and WMPL
    2. Through FTP with the mo. file I’ve downloaded from this website.

    Both ways fail and do not work.
    Can someone please help me and guide me with the proper way to install BP in…[Read more]

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