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Schulte tables Anything can be achieved only through work.
Fyodor Savin, my classmate, regularly dreamed of improving his brain, but he did not see that the development of mental abilities necessarily requires constant complication of tasks. He incessantly performed similar training for the mind that he had learned from his parents, and was convinced that this would be enough. But he mainly kept the mind in good shape, thereby providing an improvement in the abilities of the mind. Interesting information in the global network was discovered by my friend on an interesting project
It is safe to say that any gift also requires constant practice, and this is especially true for the skills of your brain, such as the ability to concentrate, because this is important.
Since no person wants to face such disorders in the brain as dementia by old age, with concomitant complete loss of memory.
It is equally important to know at what level your short-term memory is now, with the intention of finding out how much the capabilities of your mind can be developed. This can be found out with the support of various tests for short-term memory. You can find a number of such tests on the domain, including such tests as “Proof test”, “RAM”, “Counting by Kraepelin”, “Remember numbers”, “Remember pictures”, “Landolt rings”, “Test Thorndike “, and other tests for the ability to remember.
Now I also think to develop my brain.

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