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  • RobotFX posted an update 12 years ago

    @nessradio Hi, can you please tell me how you fixed the avatar upload/crop issue? I’ve read somewhere where you say about a conflict between the .js files of the wordpress theme and buddypress theme. Can you tell me how you did it, please? I’ve tried everything but nothing works, changing the directory, modifying the bp files etc.
    Please, when you…[Read more]

    • Hello wattaman, the way I fixed it is changing a Buddypress core file: wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-messages/bp-messages-cssjs.php and replaced the line 37:

      var acfb =
      jQuery(“ul.first”).autoCompletefb({urlLookup:’root_domain . str_replace( ‘index.php’, ‘wp-load.php’, $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’] ) ?>’});

      with this code:

      var acfb = jQuery(“…[Read more]

  • Kevin posted an update 12 years ago

    @nessradio Ness…

    Can you tell me the name of the theme you’re using for your buddypress site? Thanks!

  • @nessradio and @psyber I am repeating all steps gain in detail mentioned by @gian-ava Go to admin side of your blog then click from left menu Settings -> Miscellaneous Settings Set “Store uploads in this folder” to “wp-content/uploads”. Set “Full URL path to files” to the REAL FULL PATH of your uploads. e.g “http://you…[Read more]

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