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  • netlabsrl


    I’m sorry I was not very precise I ask again the question:

    I should organize a forum for my association to date we have managed communications with mailing lists, all posts (over one hundred thousand) are archived in a gmail box where the mailing list is indicated in the subject, so [ap-tech 10500] … is the number of msg 10500 from the ap-tech mailing list, [ap-comm 3000] … msg number 3000 from the ap-comm mailing list and so on …
    Is it possible to import emails into BuddyPress and create as many forums as there are lists?
    so the ap-tech forum will keep emails with the subject ap-tech, ap-comm those with the subject ap-comm and so on.
    We need to historicize 20 years of emails and make them available in the forums.
    thanks and best wishes for a happy new year

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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