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  • Thanks for the help and the great website you’ve put together, @etivite.

    Looking at your website, I found another (and suiting my purposes in a better way) action called something like xprofile_profile_field_data_updated or something like that. According to your website and the BuddyPress code, I should receive the field_id and the value, which I think means that the id of the field that has been changed, plus the value, will be sent to my function. However, adding my function to that hook with add_action (like add_action(‘xprofile_profile_field_data_updated’, array(‘Naam’, ‘test’), 10, 2)), and then doing a print_r when logged in with admin gives me a 1 as $field_id, and ‘admin’ as $value.

    How does this work? Isn’t it supposed to give me, say, the field ID of zip_code and the new value?


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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