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  • Yep, appears to be a theme issue. Thanks.

    @djpaul – Just the standard, out-of-the-box BuddyPress registration process for now. Couple of additional fields, all added as standard (via BP profile settings).

    We are looking into using Gravity Forms for user registration in the future, mainly so that we can hook Twitter (& other social url’s) into extended & custom profile field, and also to make the registration process self-contained (not requiring email activation), but right now, we’re just using out-of-the-box functionality/forms.

    FYI – We’re also using the Mingle theme by Parallelus but having raised this issue over on their support forums, I was informed that it’s highly unlikely to be a theme-related issue, which is fair enough really.

    I created this user for myself for testing in the early stages of site development, before we imported content from Ning (thought I’d add that in case it’s relevant). This problem started around the time I deleted this user – perhaps there’s some disconnect between this table, and others on deletion where certain conditions exist, I don’t know? I’m afraid I don’t have exact replication steps though.

    Happy to help if you have any further questions though? As I say, workaround seems to be just straight deleting the record in the table, but I suppose that’s only good if the user account has, or can be, deleted.


    Turns out that the prepopulated value corresponds to a user which has a user_id value of ‘0’ in the wp_bp_xprofile_data DB table, so I presume the Full Name field is grabbing this value, as there’s no other default value provided.

    This user has since been deleted, so I have deleted this record from the wp_bp_xprofile_data table. I also found that I could correct the issue by renumbering the user_id value, however, I do not know what the long term impact of doing this would be.

    Hi Paul,

    Do you know anyone that might? I’m scaling the net trying to find out what I can, but nothing seems to be coming up?

    From doing a bit more reading, I’ve altered my parameters to; Goal URL: “activate/?key=”, Match Type=”Head Match”, and whilst GA seems to hold stats on the Goal Flow report for that page, the Goal URLs report shows nothing. Very confusing indeed, but perhaps I’m setting up Goals all wrong.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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