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  • It was only a question, because Google Webmaster Tools tell me I must give the bot only the primary link, and only one, instead of 2. I would be kind with bots, but I don’t want to create a miss in my site. It’s not a trouble in BuddyPress, and a ticket wouldn’t be not justified. Thank’s for your help :-) !

    I’ve tried many times to translate the file in PoEdit, but it doesn’t work. I noticed that the different languages files are not strictly the same. WTF ?

    I have it, now !
    `global $bp, $members_template;

    if ( bp_get_total_group_count_for_user( $members_template->member->id ) > 0 )
    return true; else return false;`

    Thanks for both of you, @djpaul and @sbrajesh :-).

    Yes I do, naturally ! I used the `bp_get_total_group_count_for_user()` function before, and seeing that it doesn’t work, I took the `bp_total_group_count_for_user()` function later, to see the reason why it doesn’t work. It’s very strange…
    An other mystery in the group loop for instance, you can see that all the members are displayed, instead the members of a group only !

    It doesn’t work better, and `bp_total_group_count_for_user( $user_id )` displays only “0”, as you can see here :
    for the next hours. I’m trying to build a sitemap.
    I’ve tried with `$members_template->member->user_id` and `$bp->displayed_user->id `, and many other ideas… It’s strange, because some native BP loops in that page become to work incorrectly.

    It doesn’t work, and I have later to display the groups that member is user, so `$group`_id doesn’t know which group it matters.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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