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    I’ll add the necessary hooks to IA and then commiserate with Paul when he and I have a spare moment.

  • xrun posted an update 11 years, 3 months ago

    @jeffsayre Hi Jeff. Is there a way to limit the size of the members inboxes according to role? I’d like to have 50 messages max for contributors and f.ex. 1000 messages for authors on a site I’m working on. Maybe it’s part of the Privacy Component you’re working on?

    • The Privacy Component is solely BuddyPress centric. It is intended to offer members control over their objects. What you are requesting will need to be handled via a different plugin, tying into WordPress’ roles. I’d suggest creating a new thread in the Requests & Feedback forum, asking if anyone is working on such a plugin and if not, suggesting…[Read more]

  • Will it be fairly easy to go from a Buddypress+BBpress install to a Buddypress+BBpress+MU in the future? I understand this is all to be integrated in the upcoming release? So the question is once the New WP and BP upgrades are in place, will I be able to easily “turn on” the MU component? I currently am not doing MU in our BETA test of…[Read more]

  • Would like a forum plugin to post forum post counts… something like the bbpress plugin Post Count Plus or “Post Count”… It’s my understanding that we can’t easily use exiting bbpress plugin in a “buddypress + bbpress” install? Is this true? Will this change in a future release?

  • “Groups Fourm Directory Button” Where is this supposed to take you when pressed? Currently, on my install, it dumps you back to the overall hompeage…however when hovered over it states that it should be going to http://www.musicpln/FORUMS/ but it doesn’t. Even when I type in the FORUMS directly after the home URL it goes back to the homepage… Is…[Read more]

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