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  • Ehm, I am a non-developer (or developer to be) who loves WP and Buddypress, but can’t understand why there is no WYSIWYG (including the option to post pictures and embedding code to the forum posts). Did any of you get a chance to create a plugin, or code to add in some .php file to make this happen?

    A forum without this is dull and as @gian-ava said, only usefull for ‘professional’ purposes. Please develop the fun part as soon as possible.

    @mcclevmr Thx, I do not understand the concept of a child theme, I’m not a programmer due. I’ve seen your website on the link on the topic you mentioned, looks great!

    But what is that child theme. I have the Buddypress Default Theme, and am almost ready. By activating another theme al that is gone. Or is that some kind of plugin to generate more widgets and columns? Please inform me on this, still feeling like a Dummy…

    Hey guys,

    What if it’s otherwise. I have installed buddypress yesterday, and I can’t find the widget (or tool) to get the login in the sidebar (just like on this website) On my buddypress (the default 1.2.3. theme) there is only the text saying to sign in or register, and not the username and password fields. After logging in, I also don’t have the ‘Logged in as’ titlebar above my avatar just like on this website.

    I’ve posted more than 3 threads about this on WP forum and Buddypress….no responses so far, so please, if anyone can help me on this….


    Well, I can create groups, and add topics on the forum on the front side. But on the dashboardside there is just nothing in the Forums Setup page. Somehow I need to be able to adjust if a member may or may not comment in a forum that is not his group and all that stuff. And for that forums setup page is empty my question is: Is this normal? What do you see when you select Forums Setup in the Buddypress menu in the Admin panel? (after complete install)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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