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  • Mark elayan


    @slaffik i already disabled every plugin but bbpress and buddypress, but still same, .htaccess nothing modified but the expires and also tried without’em.

    changed to many themes, but also still the same.

    Maybe its something in the DB?
    how can i clear all BB and BP from the DB?

    Mark elayan


    @danbp Tested with chrome regular and chrome incognito mode, also I.E. 10 on a window and safari on a mac same result.

    The site is:

    Made a simple account :
    User: test
    Pass: test
    User: test1
    Pass: test1


    Mark elayan


    @danbp nop, I don’t use any caching plugin, neither cdn caching, also as I already mentioned I did disable all plugins, change to twelvesixteen theme wth nothing but bbpress and buddypress active, also took all extra CSS and Js and ang files out of the loop, but still same thing.

    The jq is working like when deleting and activity (am talking all frontend) the activity disappears until refreshed it comes again, same with the accept /reject friend request.

    And there is no errors in the terminal side nor in wp debug logs.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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