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  • @sash1ndr where I may contact you for further discussion?

    @gunju2221 thank you. No, I don’t use that. Honestly, hear about that first time :).

    @crashutah I am using dedicated server with WP-Super cache. I am planning to change my host provider (maybe Hostgator?) and I would love to hear some tips if you have for a good performance and good price :).

    @crashutah no problem, the plugin is Author Advertising WPMU Edition . But I think it’s not supported anymore. But it still works :)

    @crashutah in my network I use an ads sharing. The ads plugin generates a code which shows my code and bloggers code in a ratio. They get paid through their ads account.

    @crashutah The Adsense is generated through an ads plugin and you are right, there are no channels for any blog. It’s impossible to track it with the plugin. For networking blogs I have used simply sitewide activity plugin, similar topics plugin and sitewide tags. Nothing more, nothing less :)

    yep, I know about the tags, but I use them to let people what’s hot in my network…

    @xevo anyway thanks! I would love to see what design is your style…I love to learn :)

    Hey again, Happy New Year to everyone! With the new year new design of my network has come, too. Check it out and do let me know your opinion. Thank you!



    yeah, I definitely agree!!! How come there is no working solution for this BIG issue? I am already boring of removing tens of Chinese spammers and their stupid shoes, bags, other “cool cheap” stuff every day!!! There are also bloggers who wanna real blogs and real webmasters who wanna keep their network clean from those anoying spammers :/… I please you, come with a working solution and we will pray for you…thanks

    @clivoo I am using now WP MU 3.0.1 and Blog Topic 1.0, but it’s not working for new Sign Ups. If you are logged in and create a blog, it works. How you got it working?

    @porscheheritage – thanks. sorry, but at this moment I am busy with other jobs so I am not able to modify it for public use. But I will think about that in future if I decide to change look of the network :)

    hi there, thanks for the comments. I appreciate that.

    @webgyrl – I designed it by myself, and yes I am using WPMU with BuddyPress

    @techguy – there is possibility to import existing blogs and point domains to my server

    @modemlooper – thanks to let me know. I have checked it on FF 3.6+, IE6+ and Opera 9+

    hey guys, no idea?

    my current code looks like this:

    `// Add the actions and filters we need to make all this run
    add_action(‘signup_blogform’, array(&$cets_wpmubt, ‘get_topics_select_signup’));
    add_filter(‘wpmu_new_blog’, array(&$cets_wpmubt, ‘set_new_blog_topic’), 101);
    add_filter(‘wpmu_activate_blog’, array(&$cets_wpmubt, ‘set_new_blog_topic’), 101);
    add_action(‘bp_after_blog_details_fields’, array(&$cets_wpmubt, ‘get_topics_select_signup’));
    add_action(‘signup_finished’, array(&$cets_wpmubt, ‘save_signup_blog_topic’));
    add_action(‘bp_signup_usermeta’, array(&$cets_wpmubt, ‘save_signup_blog_topic’));
    add_action(‘admin_menu’, array(&$cets_wpmubt, ‘add_submenu’));
    add_action(‘admin_menu’, array(&$cets_wpmubt, ‘add_siteadmin_page’));
    add_action(‘delete_blog’, array(&$cets_wpmubt, ‘update_relationships’));`

    this add the select menu in the Sign Up form but it still doesn’t save the selected Topic for the blog. Any ideas?

    nah, I have found a solution:

    change the line which I mentioned above to this:

    $userid = $wpdb->get_var(“SELECT post_author FROM $blogPostsTable”);

    and then find line starting $grav_img = and change it to:

    $grav_img = get_avatar($userid, ’80’, ”);

    and your gravatars will be working fine.

    anyone for help? I am lost.

    Try this: upload an avatar file to the BuddyPress plugin folder here: buddypress/bp-core/images/

    Now edit file bp-core-avatars.php located in the buddypress/bp-core/ folder , find line #141 and change the avatar file name on the end of the line per your needs, e.g.

    $default_grav = apply_filters( ‘bp_core_mysteryman_src’, BP_PLUGIN_URL . ‘/bp-core/images/avatar.jpg’ );

    Now login to your main blog, go to BuddyPress tab -> General Settings and be sure the Mystery Man is checked as the default avatar.

    You’re done. You have now your default gravatar created by you

Viewing 17 replies - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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