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  • just open wp-content/themes/buddypress-home/css/base.css in a text editor and change:

    #header h1 a {

    text-indent: -999em;

    background: url(../images/logo.gif) top left no-repeat;

    overflow: hidden;

    width: 214px;

    height: 35px;

    display: block;

    float: left;


    or simply replace wp-content/themes/buddypress-home/images/logo.gif with your logo.

    According to a legend if you remove the copyright you will be captured by extra-terrestrials (Automattic team) and their chief (Mullenweg) will implante an electronic chip in your brain . the chip will generate the same song (downtown by petula clark) everytime a comment spam is send to a blog around the world.

    so : Be careful please!

    Hi zenseeker,

    You have the following error message on

    Problem in wp-config.php – $base is set to BASE when it should be the path like “/” or “/blogs/”! Please fix it!

    In my opinion you are trying to install WordPress Mu manually , by editing wp-config.php file (just like WordPress) and I think that it’s not really a good method.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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