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  • Sincere apologies …mercime …pardonez moi….another faux-pas – mais a votre sante! Sure looking forward to BuddyPress :-)

    Merci beaucoup Mercine

    C’est bon!
    All good now…
    I was nearly there with my edits but not quite & I was confused as I kept checking via adminbar during the edits but it all only woked after all the edits were complete. Magnifique!

    Thanks very much for your very helpful reply-now I need to see what features I want to enable & configure & explore BuddyPress-looking forward to it…

    Best wishes

    I sorted the standard & custom menu issue! Basically I have uploaded a newly named theme that is a composite of my anIMass theme with BuddyPress template files which I am editing to fix page layout issues. However I had forgotten to reapply custom nav menu settings to this new composite theme!
    Phew! It gets a bit complicated editing files on localhost & server & I forgot to check fully!
    However I still do not have my page layout fixed fully yet so help to do that would still be very much appreciated. I remain hopeful for more helpful replies….

    Still trying to sort page layout in my WPtheme conversion to BuddyPress.
    I have also noticed that presently my theme shows stanadrd nav menu and not the custom menu I have enabled. Anyone any ideas on this? I will keep checking these issues but some reply with help would be greatly appreciated please?

    Hi mercime
    These are not souped up files!(just scrambled in the post in the comment box). I have posted both files @ pastebin

    I am most grateful if anyone can integrate my theme index.php with bbprees/activity index.php

    I look forward to helpful replies-many thanks

    Ok-pasting code here hasn’t worked- I’m stuck-please help, thanks

    Aces- thanks for your reply with the links-I have looked at these & tried editing the files but with no success.

    I paste here the x2 index files & am grateful if you can show me the edited composite index.php I need.

    I look forward to your help & reply, many thanks

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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