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About Me

I am simple easy-going dude. I enjoy working with WordPress. I ride a 1994 Harley FLHR Road King completely restored and looking for my next bike for a custom build 😉 All and all we stay very busy with our construction company. The team is growing more each day and it is very exciting to watch everything flourish. I Love God and Family and have a very strong faith. I enjoy serving others and enjoy the company of my community. I am very good independent and with others as well. I have an incredible amount of patience but then no patience for stupidity or shit stirring or double standards OMG. I believe I am a pretty well-rounded dude with a lot of happy to pass on. I rarely have issue with others. But when I do I have no issue whatsoever calling them on it and saying WTF because there is no sense in being quiet about it. If someone has an issue here’s a tissue and let’s move on. Anyway, that’s me pretty simply put. I hope you enjoyed the read and getting to know me. Oh, Yaa super huge musician from way back when. it is my second passion my family is my first. I would do anything for them. Well now you know me 🙂 yours truly Sal 🙂

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7410 Sawyer Circle Unit 3 Port Charlotte Florida 33981

WordPress Origin Story

WordPress is my go-to backbone. God Knows I have used so many other CMS’s and none of them have even come close to the reliability and ease of use. It was an easy transition and since we started, we have not looked back. Wonderful community of experts that have all flocked here. Simply have to say thank you to all the pros and WordPress for such a great community to work in.



Divinity Group Inc.

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Personal, Business

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