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  • samdobrow


    Yes, that is exactly what I needed! thanks @bphelp!

    It works with WP 4.0 and BP 2.0.2

    Requires a small tweak of the CSS to position the warning message over an area of the screen not needed for data entry or navigation. I added this to the theme CSS:

    #bp_fp_notice {
    height:450px; /* height of header graphics area in theme */
    overflow: auto; /* Allows scrolling of message in header */

    I also use this with social login which makes login and registration easy but requires users to complete any required field including those created with xprofile plugin.



    Good points.

    Initially, I’d be glad to have a check to require completion of all the xprofile fields then automatically (approve) change the user role to allow more access.

    Another option might to be to grant access to the xprofile fields while in a pending status, then manually approve when the profile is completed. Currently, I have an intercept in the login routine that logs users out if their status is pending and redirects them to a “Pending Approval” page. Perhaps I could leave them logged in and force the redirect to the xprofile page. Any ideas on how to form the correct url to the xprofile page? Will all xprofile tabs be accessible under the single url?

    Thoughts? Ideas?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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