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What Makes The Best Hiking Pants For Men?

Suitable hiking pants depend on certain factors, including durability, comfort, and movement. When buying a pair of hiking pants, we want this product to protect us from the elements in a mountain environment. Hence, they should be made of sturdy, flexible fabric and weatherproof. Good hiker’s pants are long-lasting and reliable.

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Protecting yourself against the weather is also an essential element when it comes to comfort. Hiking pants that are not only comfortable to wear in the winter but also have the flexibility and comfort in the warmer months. This will be the best hiking pants men that you can count on for your hiking adventures.

Although you can rely on the weather forecast for your hiking adventure, the temperature and humidity levels can change suddenly. It is necessary to have a pair of flexible hiking pants rather than various pairs that only work in some situations.

Besides comfort, freedom of movement is also fundamental. Hiking can require a lot of constant movement, such as bending, turning, and twisting when navigating pathways. You should avoid choosing pants that restrict your movement as well as they keep you restricted. They are unsuitable for adventures.

Moving freely and comfortably is a crucial detail that you should always keep in mind. This explains why pants that twist and cover your body are a priority for memorable hiking experiences.

Moreover, you can keep an eye out for additional features such as pockets, reflective design, and adjustable waistlines. Models and prices may also impact your decision. In a word, you should ensure that you don’t buy just because it is cheap and hope that the product will perform well.

What are the top things you should look for in a pair of hiking pants?

Convertible Hiking Pants vs. Standard Hiking Pants

Standard Pants

A standard hiking pant is just a pant. It usually has zippers on the lower part of the leg, which makes it easier to roll up or take off the pants without removing the sneakers. However, standard pants can’t change into hiking shorts.

These pants are an excellent choice to keep you warmer and protect yourself from bug bites, scuffs from rocks and spikes. Or they will help you avoid exposure to the sun and wind. Additional, they are suitable for a nice looking pair of casual pants that we can wear to work on a casual Friday.

Convertible Pants

By contrast, convertible pants have a zipper, which allows the lower two-thirds of the leg to zip-off. You can quickly remove the lower part of the pant, thereby transforming it into a pair of shorts. Many hikers find it easy because of its versatility, which helps them save space and scale down the weight in a backpack. Best men’s convertible pants are also easy to wash the legs without removing the hiking boots.


When it comes to waterproofing, it should be handled utilizing your rain pants. However, it will be better for autumn or winter if a pair of hiking pants have some element of water resistance. It means you don’t need to get your rain gear out and on when it’s just drizzling a little. Some waterproof hiking pants can have a DWR (Durable water repellent) coating, which sits on top of the material and lets the water roll-off.


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Many people might think that colors are not necessary. It depends on our style and our favourite color. However, colors are one of the most important factors when choosing a pair of hiking pants. In terms of heat, dark colors absorb heat, and light colors reflect heat. But in terms of cold, darker colors can help to absorb heat from the sun and help keep you warmer. This means you should wear the best summer hiking pants with light colors and dark-colored pants in winter.

Moisture Wicking

This is very important for hikers when choosing hiking attire. An excellent pair of hiking pants that can wick moisture well will help you to prevent sweat from sitting on your skin for too long, which might cause some skin diseases, such as sweat rashes. Thanks to this feature of hiking pants, sweat can be immediately moved to the fabric outer surface and dried quickly.


Windproofing is one of the critical components when shopping for a pair of hiking pants. The best hiking pants for men, which are windproof, can keep you comfortable in mountain environments, especially during winter days in a forest, which has a lot of fog.


Pockets help you access instantly and store small objects which you usually need. Hence, several pockets are essential for a pair of hiking pants. They should be placed in some locations which you can access quickly, and they also need to be deep enough to prevents things from falling out while you are hiking.


This is also a factor that impacts your decision. Hiking pants should be lightweight, so you can feel comfortable to move freely.

Where to buy the best hiking pants?

You can buy hiking pants from Amazon or similar eCommerce websites. Also, you should avoid buying hiking pants, which produce for quick-growing kids. It is always good to invest in a high-quality hiking pant, which protects you in hiking adventures. If you order them online, you should make sure that waist sizes and pant lengths are available for your option.

List of good brands

There are multiple brands of hiking pants. However, it is quite challenging to choose which one is the best trekking pants for men among them. To help you narrow your researching, we suggest the following brands:

  • Cabela’s
  • prAna
  • The North Face
  • Columbia
  • Arc’Teryx

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We hope this list will give you hints to buy the best hiking pants for men. Keep in mind that it is worth spending much time on understanding which hiking pants are suitable for your requirements. A good pair of hiking pants will be a lifesaver on the journey if there is any dangerous situation. And you have to choose the right pants for your trips. We hope our information can help you to find that perfect pair.

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