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About Me

Seth lives in Southern Utah, where he has been hard-wired to the web design and development industry since 2001. In 2009, Seth launched his first WordPress plugin; then in 2011, he quit his full-time job to focus on building a business around the plugin, now called Event Espresso, which now powers over 60,000 ticketing websites.

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Saint George, Utah

WordPress Origin Story

My wife needed an inexpensive way for her workshop customers to RSVP and pay on her website. After spending some time searching for online solutions, I decided to build a site for her using WordPress because of its ease of use. The next step was to add the RSVP element, but there weren’t any great solutions at the time, in 2009, so I searched the WP plugin repo for an answer.

At the time, in 2009, there were only around 5,000 plugins in the repo, total. I eventually found a small events registration plugin, which had some core features, such as registration, but was lacking the ability to accept payments. I tried reaching out to the plugin developer about adding a payment gateway but they never responded, so I added one and released it under a slightly different name. Eventually, the plugin I released grew in popularity, so I renamed it and continued supporting it and eventually rewriting the codebase several times.

That ticketing plugin now powers over 60,000 event ticketing websites and has taken a 4% market share in the event registration industry.

You can read my entire story and view the WordCamp presentation here.



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