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  • Better to prevent spam users to register at all. There are a lot of plugins, that help with it.
    I use WP-SpamShield successfully on a BuddyPress site.

    There is not such publicly available plugin.
    But that’s an interesting idea to consider for plugins-dev.

    Can BuddyPress send all other emails? Like new message, groups changes etc?
    So, is the email with activation link the only email, that is not sent by BuddyPress?

    Try WordPress SEO plugin AND this hack:

    That will fix titles. There is no solution for meta descriptions, unfortunately.

    Here is related Codex page.
    You will need to change in your template something like this:

    <?php if ( bp_has_activities( bp_ajax_querystring( 'activity' ) ) ) : ?>

    to this:

    <?php if ( bp_has_activities( bp_ajax_querystring( 'activity' ) . '&per_page=10' ) ) : ?>

    Check your theme /buddypress/activity/activity-loop.php file. If you don’t have it, just copy this file (preserving directories structure) from

    That’s definitely not a BuddyPress issue.
    Make sure that you don’t have some “security” plugin activated, that might prevent the usual login process.

    AFAIK, installing BuddyPress on a subdomain of WordPress MultiSite won’t give you BP widgets (and other content) on a main site, thus you won’t be able easily (without coding) display BuddyPress content on any site in the network, excerpt the BP-site.
    So BuddyPress content will be available only on site where you activated BuddyPress.

    I hope I’ve answered your question.

    So is the subdomain, that you use for BuddyPress. Does it have separate WordPress installation (not related to
    Is WordPress on your MultiSite or ordinary?

    Seems you have fixed the issue.
    I have just registered on your site, and sent a friendship request to user “admin”. Everything seems to be ok, I can cancel it.

    You definitely should try first to re-save page structure in Admin area => Pages => Members.
    Users profile inherits everything related to that page (like slug and structure), BuddyPress just substitutes that page content, so all its settings should be in place.

    That’s quite a lot of custom code.
    All that activities are not related to BuddyPress directly. Although you can store them in activity directory when that action was performed using bp_activity_add() function.

    But as everything you described is not a default WordPress and BuddyPress functionality – I strongly advice you to find some developers, that will implement all that.

    The only option is to use CSS (in style.css) in your child theme to modify that. Or some plugins, that give ability to apply styles without modifying files (Siteorigin CSS).

    #buddypress #register-page label { 

    So far there is no such plugin.

    You can try to dive into bp_get_new_group_invite_friend_list filter, and you will need to rewrite /buddypress/groups/single/send-invites.php template.

    So quite a lot of work.

    Profile photo of Slava Abakumov
    Slava Abakumov


    Actually, this setting is still there. Check this screenshot:

    Check that you have Extended Profiles component activated – as avatars/covers uploading is part of it.

    Profile photo of Slava Abakumov
    Slava Abakumov


    BuddyPress registration page is quite big, it has a lot of inputs.
    You can install a widget, called (BuddyPress) Log in. Here is info about it.
    If you use Jetpack, there is a module there, that gives ability to define widgets visibility. Here are other plugins: one, two & etc.
    Thus you will have ability to define, that this widget should be displayed only on Registration page in sidebar (or any widget zone that is defined in your theme).

    Or you can manually edit BuddyPress template files and include a shortcode or PHP code to display a login form in any place of your registration page. See docs for that.

    Version 3.6.9 is released, pushed to WordPress repository. Soon it should be available worldwide.

    Fixed in repo. Hopefully will package the release this week with some other fixes.
    Meanwhile, you can download the plugin code from github.

    Part of the issue is fixed, see github.
    <strike>New nav API requires me to rewrite drag-n-drop nav reordering feature completely, but I’m lazy and trying to find a workaround.</strike>

    edited by slaFFik, thanks to @boonebgorges for the assistance

    There is no such error on front-end (just tested).
    Do you have this somewhere in wp-admin area?

    I have some thoughts regarding the issue. Will try to test them this night.

    messages_get_unread_count() uses info about logged in user.
    bp_get_members_component_link() – about displayed user.

    Logged in user – is based on cookies.
    Displayed user – is based on the page user currently viewing.

    That’s why messages_get_unread_count() works everywhere when user is logged in, while bp_get_members_component_link() will work only on URL like

    Yes, I’m sure. Technically it can be done, but some coding will be involved, and that is not a 5 min task. As a starting point you can check this codex page.

    You can use BuddyPress Member Types Generator plugin to create members types.

    Or use BuddyPress Member Types plugin, they have a bit different functionality. The 2nd one seems to have more features.

    Different “Types of feeds” is not easily achievable, only with custom coding.

    Custom login and registration pages – lots of solutions for custom login. Custom registration page is limited to BuddyPress, there is no plugin, that can do anything with it. You will need to dive into templating and custom styles.

    Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible to do that via an option or a plugin.
    So far, image *must* be uploaded for BuddyPress to place it in a proper place and display.

    But if you are tech-savvy, you could try to filter bp_attachments_get_attachment() function, that is used to get the URL to a cover image. And build a custom form, where users insert URL, and you save them into usermeta table and then retrieve and display.

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 419 total)
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