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  • Am I ever happy you guys ran into this problem before and could locate it. Exact same issue for me, and changing body select to non-@-font-face fixes that. I have filed a bug report with Apple so they can educate Safari about this one…

    Found it. As per the discussion here:

    dots in usernames are not allowed in WordPress 3.2.(1). I have changed that now in my install by modifying the function wpmu_validate_user_signup in /wp-includes/ms-functions.php in line 524 from

    preg_match( ‘/[a-z0-9]+/’, $user_name, $maybe );


    preg_match( ‘/[a-z0-9.]+/’, $user_name, $maybe );

    I don’t like having to modify a core file, but I like even less that in ticket #17239 it was just decided to disallow dots in usernames. For network sites, which often are associated with username databases, which in turn are often associated with firstname.surname server accounts and email addresses, the dot is an importanrt feature!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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