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  • Solved the archive issue for the first blog on my install. It had locked me out of all things including wp-admin.

    I used PHP Admin to access the database, found the blog info and the archive data. type: enum was set to (‘0′,’1’).

    I changed that to (‘0′,’0’) and that unlocked the and unarchived the blog. Guess I now have a good test bed to work in.

  • Just an update… I went ahead and did a new install of Buddypress and moved all my need stylesheets and plugins over. Only took an hour or so. Hardest part? Setting up the page content again for static pages. So I am live again and all is well. I would still like to get an […]

  • Hi, Just did my first install of Buddypress and had it all working great with customization. I was in the Blog Admin and checking settings when I saw a button for “Archive” Blog and dummy me thought it meant to archive the posts for future access. It was the only blog in the setup and […]

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