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    I have WP 3.6.1., BuddyPress 1.9.1., bbPress 2.5.2., Cubepoints 3.2.1. and CubePoints Buddypress Integration
    I want to display the avatars in the CubePoint Top Users Widget.
    I tried many found solutions on several forums, just to mention some of them:
    1) adding code to cp_hooks.php
    $y[‘avatar’] = get_avatar($user->ID,$size = ’30’);
    $string = str_replace(‘%avatar%’, $y[‘avatar’], $string);
    And add %avatar% in the text field of the widget. Empty Avatars appears of the top users while they all have avatars uploaded in their profile.
    2) I tried the solution of r-a-y
    Added functions.php to the template/default folder of bbPress. But it is still not working (settings>discussions is well set up). BUT I noticed that all avatars have a path like /wp-content/uploads/avatars/#/’. $author_id. Between /avatars/ and the author_id there is a number that is different from one member to another. How can I adadpt the path to fit it?
    3) I mixed solution 1 with bp code and added in cp_hooks.php
    $y[‘avatar’] = get_avatar( bbp_get_current_user_id(), ’30’ );
    This display of course the same avatar for all top users in the widget, naimly the avatar of the logged in user.
    4) is a mixed of 1) and r-a-y solution
    added in cp_hooks.php $y[‘avatar’] = get_avatar(bb_bp_avatar($user->ID), ’30’ );
    and added functions.php to the my-template folder of bbPress, but it is not working.

    Anny help appreciated.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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