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  • themichaelglenn


    I’ve built a BuddyPress specific menu (using the BuddyPress Logged In links).

    In which file, and what location, do I add the code @socialc provided?




    I found out what was causing the problem for me. I don’t know if the cause is the same for the OP.

    In forum settings, I had unchecked the “Forum Prefix” box (the one that prefixes all forum pages with the root slug “Forums.”) I also had the Search slug set to the default “search.”

    This left the forum search results “script” if you can call it that, pointing to – which I gather is the default search URL for WordPress and BuddyPress?

    Without BuddyPress installed, the forum search still worked, but with BuddyPress installed – nothing. And yet, it was NOT BuddyPress, it was my own lack of understanding. 🙁

    I hadn’t realized that the root search slug, without forums in front of it, would cause a problem. But I did some digging around in all this and discovered that both the twentysixteen theme, and BuddyPress, have pages called “search.php” – so naturally, would point to one of those scripts, and not to bbPress search results. (bbPress does not have a search.php page)

    Anwyay, when I check the Forums Prefix box, and search the forums, the results page loads at<strong>forums</strong>/search and everything works perfectly.

    Unforunately I’m using a plugin for bbPress that changes the URL structure and requires me to leave the Forum Prefix box unchecked. But, I found a way around that too – in Forum Settings, I simply changed the search slug to search-results and again, everything works perfectly (and the URL for search-results is now which in no way conflicts with

    I have to say, had you not mentioned the search slug in your response, it never would have occurred to me that it would be the cause of all my frustration. I’m glad to have this resolved, and hope that my explanation is enough that it will be able to help anyone else who might run into the same issue.


    I’ve also discovered that I can set the search slug to forums/search which effectively accomplished the same thing as leaving it on search whilst checking the Forum Prefix box. i.e. they both return the URL as which may not be a huge deal, but it does seem to look prettier than any other URL…



    When I try and search the forums I get no results and returned to the home page

    I’m having this same problem and it is definitely an issue that is caused by BuddyPress. I’m using WordPress 4.6.1 with the TwentySixteen Theme, bbPress 2.5.10, and BuddyPress 2.6.2.

    When I deactivate all bbPress related plugins, the search still sends me back to the home page. When I deactivate BuddyPress – the search works exactly the way it’s supposed to.

    Is there a file in the BuddyPress theme that I can modify/remove/replace, that will correct this issue?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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