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  • anyone have any advice on my sidebar being below my buddypress activities and content? It’s only on the buddypress pages
    I’ve been troubleshooting for a good amount of time now and have run out of ideas :)

    oh and uhhh…yea the most annoying issue is my avatars are really small and the cropbox is not fully on the image lol…just a thought

    Mercime! Thanks again for the help.
    I currently have the buddypress pages up and running, but have run into a few problems with the formatting of the page (Item lengths, button locations, so on…). Do I have to adjust the width for each item on the page seperate or is there one line in the stylesheet making their width all the way across the page?
    Also, while my sidebar is displayed, it is being pushed under all of the buddypress content as opposed to next to it, any suggestions?
    If you’d like to see the site I’d gladly show, I just don’t want it public until it’s done
    Let me know if there is anything you may be able to help with :)

    Sorry about the double post! like i said…site was goin a little crazy on me last night
    Thanks so much mercime i really appreciate it and cant wait to show the site once it’s done

    2 quick questions…
    Should I assume that full width pages are a no go? :D lol
    and will the changes finally show once all the pages have been edited?

    Lol ok so idk what’s going on with the site…but whenever I try to edit my old posts I’m getting a page not found error…so ill fix the two comments above in the morning…till then…here are the URLs 8)

    Normal Page:

    Full-Width Page:

    goodnight everyone haha

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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