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About Me

I love English as a Second Language teaching. I am a volunteer. I encourage everyone to try it. Even as a substitute. It is fun, as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. I am not a trained teacher, no experience, and no fluency in another language. My students are eager, dedicated, adults.

I do not work, I focus my time and attention to my volunteer work, it is a luxury. The majority of that time is spentI on a MultiSite and blogs that I created for the class. I also have a personal site and blogs. I incorporated computer skills into my class. Most of my students have never touched a computer. Many have children. I love personal technology and the web – I spend hours on them, now with purpose. We have a great computer lab that is unused. Perfect!

Website URL

Current Location

Carbondale, Illinois

WordPress Origin Story

Wow! Do I remember? It was an evolution alternating between priorities of form and function. It has been quite an intense journey filled with excitement, frustration, success, and decimations. And a long story. I think my use is interesting. And that I am interesting. But I will try to be merciful.


Job Title

Volunteer English as a Second Language teacher


Working on and with WordPress MultiSites – one each for my class and personal use, Rome, Copenhagen, art history, history, international affairs, languages, religion and culture, endless hours on tech devices, gadgets and computers, mini dachshunds.

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