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  • transferofhealth


    I just completely deleted all WP and BP and plugin files.
    > did a clean install of WP
    > only installed BP
    > activated BP template theme

    Still having the same trouble…..



    OK – so I’ve (among other things)

    1. Created the 404-handler.php and changed my IIS admin to the /404-handler.php
    2. Tried the special web.config settings for IIS7 (but I have IIS6) – it made no difference
    3. Played with my IIS Admin settings
    4. Changed settings in my ini.php file to set the directory target
    5. Read a lot of .htaccess coding and mod-rewrites. I think my eyes are bleeding (haha – just kidding)

    1. Deactivated then Deleted BP and all supporting plugins
    2. Deactivated the theme I customized and activated the default WP template.
    3. Reinstalled BP
    4. Activated the BP theme
    5. Still won’t let me register, upload avatar, add a group or do anything else.

    Any ideas?

    I am NOT getting a 404 error – but when I enter any new info – new registration, new group, etc., I click “submit” – the form resets, but I’m still on that page. Nothing happens. My upload files are empty of any BP info. My media files DO upload fine.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can (pretty please with sugar on top) solve this mystery!!!!




    I’m concerned about changing server information when I’m don’t seem to be having the 404 error trouble as is noted in the references you gave.

    Is it normal to not be able to use BuddyPress on a Windows server? I know it’s more difficult – but one of the potential solutions you listed even said that one of the BP developers uses a Windows Server.

    I’m afraid that if I can’t do some kind of coding fix, I’ll just have to dump buddy press :(

    Thanks again in advance for any solutions! :)



    Image uploads work perfectly via the media library. I’m not sure what a native WP gallery is….

    I created an avatars folder earlier today in my /uploads/ directory – I’ve tried to upload avatars and the folder is still empty.

    File permission for the uploads folder and subfolders is 755.

    Because I also can’t create groups, or register as a new user, I’m wondering if there isn’t some weird root folder link that isn’t working correctly. I’m not getting any errors whey I try to add a group / upload avatar, etc. – it’s like it just ignores me and gives me the original blank entry form (and doesn’t put the info anywhere).

    My site is hosted through Readyhosting on a Windows 2003 server (a pain – I know).

    I used Buddypress on this server months ago, but took it down when I revamped my site and used Elegant Themes.

    Thanks in advance for your help!! :)



    Hi –

    “installed and activated BP Template Pack plugin, then customized templates from template pack plugin to fit your theme‚Äôs HTML structure, right? Are you using the latest BP template pack plugin”
    > Yes – and yes.

    “Could be conflict with elegant theme. To check: Deactivate BP Template Pack plugin, go to Appearance > Themes and change to bp-default theme and check if you can create groups, upload avatars and the like.”
    > I just tried what you suggested – good idea, but unfortunately it had the same problem



    PS – this is what I’ve got:

    BuddyPress: 1.2.9
    BP_ROOT_BLOG: standard
    MySQL: 5.0.91
    Permalinks: month and name :
    PHP: 5.2.11
    WordPress: 3.2.1
    WordPress multisite: no



    I also tried to add a group – went through Step 1 (group name and description), click “Create Group and Continue” – then the page reloads with a blank Step 1 form, as if I never entered any info.

    Could be related?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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