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Allen Montgomery

About Me

I currently manage inventory in a machine shop that makes stainless steel surgical tools and titanium implants. I’m hoping my website, when I get it done, will make that unnecessary.

Website URL

Current Location

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

WordPress Origin Story

I have four years experience designing desktop applications with dBase, when I was in the U.S. Air Force. I also taught myself several programming languages, now of which had anything to do with the Internet.

More recently, I’ve decided to jump back into the field. I started with HTML and CSS, and dabbled in JavaScript and PHP.

For a long time, I viewed WordPress as something that is used by people who aren’t smart enough to write actual code, not something a real professional would use. I was wrong. There is really a lot to learn, and even if you are an expert PHP and JavaScript programmer, WordPress is a great productivity tool. Of course, it’s especially good if you know enough to get up under the hood when necessary.

I’m currently designing my own website on my laptop. Hope to launch in July. The idea is to assist prospects with comparison shopping, before they have decided where they want to buy.

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