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  • vfreefly


    That’s what I understood. In buddypress groups, the positions of participants in the HOME tab can be sorted by selecting the mode show Show: Updates. This filter by default only shows all new recordings of the group members.
    It means that the minimal effort to make the group BuddyPress like groups in VK (FB), you must supply a default filter (Show) on Updates, but not on Everything.
    Of course, it would be just fine to prohibit writing to the group (Home tab) everyone except admins and admins. Simple participants in this case can only comment link posted by write (statuses).
    That would be cool.
    In General, if by and large, need a plugin for this.
    No edits in the code and other old school turmoil.
    The plugin should add in the settings of each group an option to include a “wall”.
    When the Home tab is visible by default only the records of participants, without garbage like the fact that someone new joined the group or posting something new at the forum group. All this debris, normal logic is in the second tab, called “news” or “news”. Just two subsections, “the Wall” and “news”. Genius always simple.
    The wall in the group must be of two kinds. Or closed (when it can write only the administration), or open, when any participant has the right to do an update.
    Oh and another good plugin should provide the opportunity to include a similar option wall in the user’s profile. No filters. Only “the wall” and “the news, which resets everything except records (status).
    Now this would be cool. How strange that this plugin hasn’t written. Such a plugin would be the bomb, because the current logic of the sorting and display of content in buddypress is lame, and similar to the invention of unnecessary bike.
    If someone will take over this plugin is ready to join in on graudating with his hand up to$ 100 , with the subsequent right of the author to publish and sell your plug-in anywhere.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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